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Rides for Month ALL, 2020

RideRide DateTypeRidersDistance OptionsAverage Yearly Kilometers for Riders on this RideAverage Rides for Riders on this Ride
Flatbread 20011-07-2020RUSA 20049205 Kilometers2471
Mountain Church 20009-12-2020ACP 20035200 Kilometers1821
O.T. Doe D.O.03-07-2020ACP 20033209 Kilometers2221
Old Rag 20010-17-2020RUSA 20029200 Kilometers4082
Pastries and Coffee 20002-17-2020RUSA 20012204 Kilometers1812
Woodbine - Dillsburg02-08-2020RUSA 20010207 Kilometers3342
Flatbread01-20-2020RUSA 20010205 Kilometers1501
Iron Brigade 20012-05-2020RUSA 2009202 Kilometers11207
Woodbine-Gettysburg03-22-2020RUSA 1007132 Kilometers8906
Woodbine - Dillsburg01-11-2020RUSA 2006207 Kilometers1471
Old Rag 200k Brevet03-21-2020ACP 2006200 Kilometers4122
Woodbine - Dillsburg01-01-2020RUSA 2005207 Kilometers00
Woodbine - Dillsburg03-14-2020RUSA 2005207 Kilometers8886
DCR Mountain Church 20002-16-2020RUSA 2004203 Kilometers510
Woodbine - Dillsburg02-22-2020RUSA 2004207 Kilometers6625
Woodbine-Gettysburg02-01-2020RUSA 1004132 Kilometers3903
Woodbine - Dillsburg01-25-2020RUSA 2004207 Kilometers3242
Woodbine-Gettysburg01-04-2020RUSA 1004132 Kilometers1041
Woodbine-Gettysburg01-18-2020RUSA 1004132 Kilometers3762
Woodbine-Gettysburg02-29-2020RUSA 1003132 Kilometers10898
Woodbine-Gettysburg02-15-2020RUSA 1002132 Kilometers9507
Go Ride It to the Lighthouse01-10-2020RUSA 2002204 Kilometers00
Woodbine - Dillsburg01-01-2020RUSA 2000207 Kilometers00