2023 Meeting Minutes

DCR Annual Meeting January 21, 2023

Meeting convened at 15:10.

Attendance: 23 Members (17 in person; 6 online)

1. President's Remarks

Club president Roger Hillas welcomed attendees to the first in-person annual meeting since 2020 and thanked them for their active involvement in club affairs.

2. Outgoing RBA's Remarks

Outgoing RBA Gardner Duvall reviewed his tenure, thanked riders, organizers, and board, and summarized the current state of the club's ride program.

3. Incoming RBA's Remarks

Incoming RBA Emily Ranson provided an overview of the ride schedule for 2023 and plans for following seasons.

4. Treasurer's Remarks

Due to AV constraints, club treasurer Jack Nicholson was not able to present the proposed 2023 budget in person. Club president Hillas presented it from notes compiled by the Treasurer. In preparing the budget, the treasurer and board sought to fund general club activities from membership fees and to have individual rides pay for themselves.

Club activities planned for 2023 include a social event in the summer.

Largely because of higher hotel prices, rides long than 200 kilometers have become more expensive to run. The budget includes higher entry fees for those rides.

Bart Desmet noted that charging a ride fee for the International Women's Day populaire, on top of the cost of membership in RUSA and DCR, creates a significant barrier to entry for new riders. The board agreed to consider the matter further.

The cost and risk of running the Mason Dixon 1200 in 2022 and any lessons learned that could be applied to future runnings were discussed at some length.

5. Voting

Voting took three forms: advance voting by Google form, voting in person at the annual meeting, and voting remotely over the meeting Zoom.

A total of 28 members cast votes, with the following results:

  • Ed Felker was elected club president with 28 votes.
  • Emily Ranson was elected club brevet administrator with 28 votes.
  • Mimo DeMarco was elected at-large board member with 28 votes.
  • The 2023 budget was approved with 27 votes in favor and 1 abstention.

Emily Ranson noted that Bob Count's first term as club secretary had expired, so Bob was unanimously elected to a second term as secretary by 17 in person and 3 Zoom voters.

6. Recognition

President Hillas recognized riders who had won a range of international and nation awards, or participated in local events. He also recognized members who organized club rides. Lists of both group have been posted to the dcrandonneurs.org website, with a list of Mason Dixon 1200 volunteers to follow.

Meeting adjourned at 17:10.

DCR Board Minutes January 3, 2023

Meeting convened at 19:07.

Attendance: Duvall, Hillas, Counts, Felker, Nicholson, Readinger, Ranson (Non-voting)

Board previously approved December minutes by email.

1. Budget

After discussion, the board voted unanimously to approve the draft budget submitted by the Treasurer, pending ratification by club members at the annual meeting.

Meeting adjourned at 20:10.