DC Randonneurs


2021 Meeting Minutes

DCR Board Minutes April 5, 2021

Meeting convened at 19:05.

Attendance: Duvall, Readinger, Hillas, Felker, Nicholson, Counts, Mazur

Board previously approved March minutes by email.

1. Financials (Jack Nicholson)

Jack walked the board through the club's Q1 balance sheet. Income from memberships was particularly strong for the quarter. Overall, club reserves are down about $1K but still sufficient.

The board discussed Directors and Officers Insurance and concluded that while this constitutes a major cost,

a. It and similar fixed costs, such as the website, are covered by income from memberships.

b. This cost is worth bearing because it allows members who don't have their own liability insurance to serve on the board without risking major legal expenses. The board considers a diverse and representative board important to the club's long-term health.

2. RBA Report (Gardner Duvall)

Gardner reviewed upcoming events and discussed in particular the plan that he and Theresa Furnari had developed for touchless food at the start and finish of the Soldiers Delight 300.

The club has organizers for this year's 400 and 600. which will be run out of Frederick MD. Chris Readinger reported that the club has hotel blocks for those events at favorable rates as well.

Gardner reported a good response to the launch of the Mason Dixon 1200, including the ride website. As of the meeting, 58 riders had already expressed interest in the ride. He and John Mazur are working on getting the cost per rider down to a target $435. They are also developing plans for a supported pre-ride.

John Mazur was on the point of signing contracts with the hotels that will serve as overnight controls on the 1200.

3. Social Media (Ed Felker)

Ed reported posting to Instagram and Facebook but not engaging much with other users. Traffic to the sites is relatively light but steady. Please send Ed photos of other riders taken from your bike, if possible. Action sells.

4. Mason - Dixon Website (Bob Counts)

Pages are being added to the ride website as content is developed. Bob went over some of the technical background to what appears at this point. The ride site has a valid security certificate and operates securely.

Ride registration will be handled by the club's main RideStats site (the dcrand.org site).

5. From the Floor

Ed Felker asked that people be able to join RUSA and register for the Mason - Dixon 1200 in a single step. RideStats already allows riders to join DCR and register for a ride in a single step, if the club so chooses. The club will explore adding RUSA membership to that process.

Meeting adjourned at 19:59.

DCR Board Minutes March 1, 2021

Meeting convened at 19:00.

Attendance: Duvall, Readinger, Hillas, Felker, Nicholson, Counts, Mazur

Board previously approved February minutes by email.

1. Social Media Update (Ed Felker)

Ed gave an overview of club activities on Instagram, Facebook, Strava, and a little Twitter.

Members are encouraged to submit ride photos (preferably showing other riders) either by emailing Ed directly or by emailing photos to dcrandonneurs"at"gmail.com.

2. MD 1200 Website Update (Bob Counts)

Bob discussed where the club is in the process of designing and building a dedicated site for the Mason Dixon 1200 and some of the choices the club will face as it moves forward on those tasks.

3. RBA Report (Gardner Duvall)

Gardner announced that he and Theresa, as organizers of the Soldiers Delight 300, would offer touch-free food to riders before and after the ride. Ride pricing was adjusted upwards slightly to offset the greater cost.

Chris Readinger is in the process of reserving room blocks for the Spring 400 and 600 rides. Savings will be slight, so riders are encouraged to reserve rooms on their own if they prefer.

Gardner discussed a high-level budget and pricing for the Mason Dixon 1200. After discussion, Gardner said he would run the numbers again in an effort to lower pricing somewhat. Pricing goal will be to break even or run a slight profit, as well as cover upfront development costs.

4. At the urging of Treasurer Jack Nicholson, the board discussed how much of a financial cushion it sought to maintain year-to-year. The board concluded that it would aim to keep a reserve of around $12K, allowing that figure to fluctuate some year-to-year depending on circumstances.

Meeting adjourned at 20:20.

DCR Board Minutes February 1, 2021

Meeting convened at 19:00.

Attendance: Duvall, Counts, Readinger, Hillas, Felker, Nicholson

Board previously approved January minutes by email.

1. RBA Report

RUSA is currently not placing any limitations on the club's ability to run events.

The RBA is considering individually packaged food at the start and finish for the Soldier's Delight 300, the first 300 of the year.

The RBA is working on finalizing the route for the Mason Dixon 1200.

2. The board welcomed new member and club secretary Bob Counts.

3. The board agreed to waive the registration fee and contribute $200 towards running a RUSA populaire in celebration of International Women's Day on March 6.

4. Ed Felker suggested creating an interest list for the Mason Dixon 1200 sooner rather than later. The board concurred.

Meeting adjourned at 20:00.

DCRandonneurs Annual Meeeting January 23, 2021

Meeting convened at 16:05.

Attendance: Bill Beck, Bill Smith, Gardner Duvall, Theresa Furnari, Ken Zabielski, Roger Hillas, Andrea Matney, Bob Counts, Jack Nicholson, Chris Readinger, Ed Felker, Mary Gersema, John Mazur, Cindy Piotrowski, Kelly Smith, Leslie Tierstein, Steve Whetstone, Tom Reeder, Michael Howie, Michael Rawny, Emily Lawrence, Emily Ranson

1. President's Remarks

a. Most of the ride schedule for 2021 has been posted to the DCR website but is not yet open for registration, pending RUSA (and state and local) approval to run events.

b. Theresa is taking the lead to plan an International Women's Day event on March 6/7. Contact Theresa if you are interested in helping. Members are encouraged to plan other events.

c. DCR will join the worldwide celebration of the 100th Anniversary of the Audax Club Parisien on September 11, 2021.

d. While voting online, members raised questions about the following:

i. Insurance costs. DCR carries two types of insurance: accident insurance and Officers and Directors' insurance. The former is paid through RUSA and is mandatory if we want RUSA and the ACP to accept our results. The club has carried the latter since 2005. The board reviewed its pricing in 2020 and will review terms and need in 2021.

ii. Processing of paper brevet cards. The club has returned homologated brevet cards through 2018. Very few people chose to use brevet cards in 2020, and their future is uncertain.

2. Voting

25 unique members voted online. 1 voted during the meeting. This constitutes a quorum of the club's 79 members at the time of the meeting. The following were elected to the board unanimously:

  • Gardner Duvall as CBA
  • Roger Hillas as President
  • Bob Counts as Secretary

Mary Gersema noted that with Emily Ranson leaving the board, none of the seven board members are currently women.

The 2021 budget proposed by club Treasurer Jack Nicholson and endorsed by the board passed unanimously.

3. Recognition

The following ride organizers were recognized: Gardner Duvall, Bob Counts, Roger Hillas, Mimo DeMarco, Mike Binnix, Bill Beck, Chris Readinger, Emily Ranson, and Earl Janssen.

4. RBA's Remarks

a. Gardner discussed the 2021 schedule, its challenges and its highlights.

b. Gardner discussed the Mason - Dixon 1200 planned for 2022 and gave an overview of its route.

5. New Members

Two new members (Emily L. and Michael H.) discussed how they found the club and introduced themselves to existing members. Existing members introduced themselves to new members.

The club is very grateful to all those who participated in this meeting and the voting that preceded it.

Meeting adjourned at 18:00.

DCR Board Minutes January 4, 2021

Meeting convened at 19:03.

Attendance: Duvall, Mazur, Readinger, Hillas, Felker, Ranson, Nicholson

Board previously approved December minutes by email.

1. Annual Meeting

a. No additional nominations for board positions were submitted by members. Candidates nominated by the board are:

  • Gardner - CBA
  • Bob - Secretary
  • Roger - President

b. Board unanimously approved the proposed budget for 2021 developed by club treasurer Jack Nicholson.

c. Recognition - Club members should nominate others for awards in the following categories:

  • Helping Hands
  • Digging Deep
  • From the Floor

d. 1200 announcement with volunteer outline. Looking to identify overnight captains.

2. Ride Schedule

a. Schedule set, routes largely prepped for the beginning of the season.

b. RBA considering overnight rides during Summer 2021.

c. RBA solicited ideas about advertising the Mason - Dixon 1200 in 2022 and suggested taking out an ad in American Randonneur.

3. In order to host club administrative records and other material that cannot be stored on the main, ridestats website, the board agreed to use the Google drive associated with the dcrandonneurs.org ID the club already uses for social media.

Meeting adjourned at 19:50.