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Designed by Crista Borras and ridden by the club in different forms since the late 1990s, the Northern Exposure 400 kilometer brevet is a beautiful and challenging expedition to Newport PA on the Juniata River. Many of our brevets ride through Cumberland Valley in the region of Shippensburg, PA, leaving us to wonder what is in the mountains to the north and west of the valley? This brevet answers that question. Alternatively, the USGS answer to that question is that the Cumberland Valley is part of what it defines as the Great Appalachian Valley and the mountains to the north and west are part of the Ridge and Valley Appalachians.

Starting from Frederick, we ride north on familiar and easy roads to Thurmont. We cross Catoctin Mountain on Sabillasville Rd heading into the Michaux State Forest, one of the more beautiful and easygoing crossings. This is the same route that the South Mountain 600 takes on the first day, as far as Sabillasville, but there the routes part, with the Northern Exposure route climbing over South Mountain and into and across the Cumberland Valley. From Roxbury, riders climb over Kittatinny Mountain into the Path Valley, with its picturesque Amish farms and long mountain views.The route continues northwest through the Path Valley and Horse Valley to East Waterford, followed by a gentle climb over Tuscarora Mountain and then a scenic cruise to Newport.

After a stop in Newport, riders climb over Blue Mountain, back into the Cumberland Valley. After passing Children’s Lake in lovely Boiling Springs, riders return to familiar roads, joining the route of the Frederick 300 for the return over South Mountain on Whiskey Springs Rd, eventually passing Lake Meade, controlling at East Berlin, continuing on through Thurmont and the relatively easy terrain back to Frederick.

There are many stop-lights going through Frederick. Please respect these as the cross traffic is sometimes fast and hard to see. The roads in Frederick may be rough–showing the effect of a long winter plus construction; exercise suitable caution. Going out through downtown Frederick in the morning is especially nice. Watch for traffic when you return to Frederick as it will likely be heavier that going out.