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Ride Report - International Women's Day

This International Women’s Day (IWD) route starts at a woman-owned coffee and bike shop (Gravel and Grind), travels to Ladiesburg, and ends at Olde Mother Brewing! I think Emily did well in her route choice for IWD! For the event, please know that Gravel and Grind opens at 8 AM and they have coffee and waffles! And a bathroom. Also, we should park on the street. They have a parking lot, but are very busy on the weekends.

Here is my report:

Bill Smith and I chose a chilly and breezy Sunday to check out Over to Ladiesburg with Doctor Disc. As we set off from downtown Frederick, it was a beautiful clear late winter day. The route took us out on familiar roads through North Frederick and Mountaindale before crossing over U.S. Route 15 at Fish Hatchery Road. The sight lines are good at this crossing, but please use caution.

Once across U.S.15, we traveled through Lewistown and over to Creagerstown through pretty farmland. From Creagerstown, we headed northeast toward New Midway and onto Route 194 to Ladiesburg and Keymar, with a fine tailwind! Route 194 can be busy, but there is nice shoulder.

[Emily’s addition: The reason this route takes MD-194 is to detour through Ladiesburg! The rest of the route is based on Crista’s Over the Hill with Doctor Disc, a fantastic route on some of Frederick County’s best roads.]

We turned off Route 194 at Y Road – there is an uphill here, three railroad crossings (all in pretty good shape), and emus at the top of the hill. From Y Road, we rode towards Middleburg and on to Union Bridge for the open control. Flood Zone Brewery is there, but we had been poking along documenting controls, so we chose a quick 7-11 stop.

As we left Union Bridge, we turned east, and the hills got a bit more significant. The stretch between miles 33 and 53 are punchy! We zig zagged on quiet roads back toward Frederick County through lovely countryside, including Mapleville and Dollyhyde Roads. Frey’s Brewery is on Mapleville Road and Milkhouse Brewery is on Dollyhyde Road. I have not been to Frey’s, but I can verify that Milkhouse has good beer.

Use caution crossing left from Dollyhyde Road onto Route 26 – the traffic came up on us faster than expected. From Libertytown we started our approach back to Frederick City via Daysville Road. After some additional climbs, we were rewarded with a beautiful view and a wide-open descent on Daysville Road towards Walkersville. From Walkersville, the route uses Devilbiss Road and crosses back over U.S. 15. This can be a tricky crossing – there are designated bike cutouts both north and south of Devilbiss, but they do not feel that safe to use. Motorists may not be expecting you to cross, even though it does have a bike route sign. Use caution!

The route back from U.S. 15 was on familiar roads and I thought it would be uneventful, however, it turns out that Bill had been feeling dizzy and nauseous for a several miles. Rather than the anticipated post-ride brew at Olde Mother, we had to get Bill to the ER to get checked out. Turns out that a sinus infection can make you feel pretty crappy!

I live about a half mile from Gravel and Grind, so I will be around if anyone needs anything. 

Lib Rood


2024 Schedule

March 9 - IWD, 100, Frederick, MD
March 16, Mountain Church, 200, Washington, DC
March 30, Lady and the Barons, 200, Severna Park, MD
April 6, Warrenton 300, Warrenton, VA
April 20, Fleche, Arlington, VA
May 4, Michaux Meander, 300, Frederick, MD
May 18, Kinder Gentler 400, Warrenton, VA - THIS MAY CHANGE. HOTEL IS ALREADY SOLD OUT. 
June 1, Frederick 600, Frederick, MD
June 22, Lovettsville 200, Lovettsville, VA
September 7, TBD 200
October 5, TBD 200
October 26, Dart, Gettysburg, PA
November 2, Flatbread 200, Centreville, MD
December 7, Woodbine-Dillsburg via Gettysburg 200, Woodbine, MD

More rides will be added to the calendar, including gravel routes and populaires.

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