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South Mountain Redux 600K report - June 1-2, 2024

After a big breakfast of pancakes at the IHOP, we all wandered out to the parking lot. Temperatures were PERFECT and no rain was in the forecast until the following evening. Mother Nature was indeed smiling upon the DCR 600K riders.

At 04:00, twelve riders clipped in or stepped on their pedals. And with that, a dozen solid red lights pulled away into the darkness.

Twenty to twenty-three hours later, riders began returning to Frederick. They all texted me, the ride organizer, their arrivals and went to their respective lodgings. Some in high end Hyatt’s, others to foam pads in vehicle beds. Impressively, only one rider threw in the towel on Saturday.

The next morning, most of us met for another IHOP breakfast before the riders rolled out for Day Two of the 600K. Getting out of bed and actually getting started AFTER riding 400K on Saturday is no small feat, so kudos to all these iron-willed bicycle riders. One was so tired; they even fell for the “Just ride like 5 or 10 miles and see how you’re feeling” Jedi mind trick.

Fellow ride organizer Bob G. and I went for a short ride together on Sunday morning and then returned to the finish at a pizza joint where we spent seven hours maximizing our bottomless beverage purchase and awaiting the return of the riders. Unfortunately, two more riders had to throw in the towel due to unfixable mechanical issues.

Nine riders ended up rolling to the finish on Sunday afternoon in various states of triumph. Some versions of triumph were raised arms, fist bumps, and loud yells while others evinced sunken eyes and just wanted to sit down on something other than a bicycle seat.

Congratulations to:
Ben S - First 600K and first SR Series!!!
Chuck H - Second 600K.
Dan H - First 600K and first SR Series!!!
Dan S - First 600K and first SR Series!!!
Gary W - Sixth 600K.
Jack N - Eighth 600K
Kyle M - Second 600K
Mimo D - Seventh 600K, pre-rider
Paul D - Twenty second 600K in the RUSA database, others likely before this!
Roger H - Eighteenth 600K

Again, a massive congratulations to the 600K riders. I hope all of you have been able to slip some “So what did you do this weekend?” questions into all your interactions this week so you could pounce on the reciprocal query.

— Mimo DeMarco

2024 Schedule

March 9 - IWD, 100, Frederick, MD
March 16, Mountain Church, 200, Washington, DC
March 30, Lady and the Barons, 200, Severna Park, MD
April 6, Warrenton 300, Warrenton, VA
April 20, Fleche, Arlington, VA
May 4, Michaux Meander, 300, Frederick, MD
May 18, Kinder Gentler 400, Warrenton, VA 
June 1, Frederick 600, Frederick, MD
June 22, Lovettsville 200, Lovettsville, VA
September 7, TBD 200
October 5, TBD 200
October 26, Dart, Gettysburg, PA
November 2, Flatbread 200, Centreville, MD
December 7, Woodbine-Dillsburg via Gettysburg 200, Woodbine, MD

More rides will be added to the calendar, including gravel routes and populaires.

Who We Are

DC Randonneurs sponsors long-distance cycling events in the Mid-Atlantic region ranging from 100 kilometers to 1,200 kilometers (60 - 750 miles) in length. Rides start from the Baltimore-Washington region but travel as far afield as State College PA, Buchanan VA, and Warm Springs WV.

The terrain we ride ranges from the flatlands of the Eastern Shore to the rolling hills and valleys of the Piedmont and the sometimes steep flanks of the Appalachian mountain ridges to our west. Our routes, many of which we've ridden for years, take quiet back roads through gorgeous and varied scenery, with regular stops for supplies and rest.

Our rides are unsupported. There is no sag wagon, and help of any sort can be miles away on some of the more remote stretches of road we ride. But we ride together, creating bonds of friendship and camaraderie along the way. Our ride organizers and volunteers work hard to make sure that every rider is accounted for, from start to finish.

Our rides are timed, with riders required to reach intermediate control points, as well as the finish, within a set window of time. But our results are listed alphabetically. Our style of riding is know as allure libre, meaning riders ride at their own pace within the limits set by control opening and closing times rather than riding as a group at a steady pace set by its leaders, which is the audax style of randonneuring.

Randonneuring is non-competitive, but we challenge ourselves and each other -- to ride farther, to ride faster, to ride longer than we might have though possible. We aspire to relentless forward progress but take time to help each other when in need, whether that need is for emotional support, an energy bar to cure a bonk, or a cleverly improvised fix to broken equipment.

DC Randonneurs is affiliated with Randonneurs USA and operates according to the rules promulgated by that organization by adoption from the Audax Club Parisien.

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