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  • South-Mountain-Redux-Revisited-60006-01-2024 04:004 Registered

    03-05-2024 13:32
    05-29-2024 13:30
    ACP 600
    Sunrise at 5:42:52 AM Sunset at 8:32:22 PM
    Ride Leader(s):
    Mimo DeMarco
    Emily RANSON

    Get me there
    5277 Buckeystown Pike
    Frederick, MD 21704


    Overnight Ride
    Social Gathering Before/After

    Start location: IHOP: 5277 Buckeystown Pike, Frederick, MD 21704

    Plenty of hotels to the north and south of the Ihop.

    Day 1: https://ridewithgps.com/routes/46049506

    Day 2: https://ridewithgps.com/routes/46049736

    South Mountain Redux Revisited is revised, rejuvenated, reimagined, and of course redundant version of Lynn Kristianson's Pigeon Hills 600, which was first ridden by DC Randonneurs in 2006.  In 2018 this was reworked to be the South Mountain Redux, which avoided the Pigeon Hills and their ugly aftermath.  Still, the ride proved quite challenging, so this renewal does more significant surgery, and lengthens the first day to about 400k, and accordingly reduces the second day by about 40k.  How does that work?

    SMRR entirely skirts Big Flat, including the false summit, with a bigger indulgence in the majestic Michaux State Forest.  A new control in Mt. Holly Springs improves the supply chain in the first leg of the route, which also ducks down to Shippensburg to eliminate the overlong stretch of unserviced road into Mercersburg.  From there things are unchanged until you cross back over the Potomac, where a few more miles of modest terrain are added before overnighting where you started.

    After that respite, Day 2 has the advantage of being 25 miles shorter than before.  It now heads to Union Bridge, where the chance for more frequent re-supply begins.  Up at its northern end this day hits its high point, with about 50 miles to go and a fairly mellow pass through the battlefield in Gettysburg, then Emmitsburg, and Thurmont on the way back to Frederick.

  • Lovettsville-20006-22-2024 07:00None Registered

    05-20-2024 13:06
    06-21-2024 13:30
    RUSA 200
    Sunrise at 5:43:06 AM Sunset at 8:42:22 PM
    Ride Leader(s):

    Get me there
    1 E Broad Way
    Lovettsville, VA 20180

    Free parking is available on the street. Be a good citizen and don't park in the 7-Eleven lot.

    The Lovettsville 200 covers favorite terrain with a new selection of roads.  This route has plenty of roll, and about 10% of the route is on well-groomed unpaved roads.  Services are limited, be sure to plan your stops in advance on this beautiful ride through scenic farmlands.

Sunrise and Sunset courtesy of Sunrise-Sunset.org