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A Crista Borras classic, ridden by Potomac Pedalers and DC Randonneurs since the late 1990s. This year it returns to its old start and finish at the intersection of Business 29 and VA 211 in Warrenton.  This time we're riding it for the international celebration of the 100th anniversary of the Audax Club Parisien.

The ride begins with a climb up to downtown Warrenton, near the hotel where General George McClellan bid farewell to the officers of the Army of the Potomac after being relieved of his command by Abraham Lincoln in November 1862. There, the route turns to the south and heads out of town, with a steep downhill around the two mile mark.

The route wanders southwest over rolling country for some time. You won't notice the climbs much, but you will feel the toll of you effort later. Reuwer's Grocery at mile 27.9 will offer one of your few changes to purchase supplies outbound. The route crosses to the east of US29 at mile 44.4 and goes over a low-water bridge across the Robinson River at mile 48.1. If there is heavy rain in the 24 hours before the ride start, you will follow a detour around the low-water bridge, beginning at a point marked on the cue sheet.

If the sky is clear, you will have caught glimpses of the Blue Ridge to the west as you headed south. Now a climb through Elly and a quick descent past the Mountain View nursing home at mile 52 will reveal the ridge ahead of you in all its majesty. The information control at the Aroda Store soon follows, and you'll turn northwest towards Madison, which offers several possibilities for sit-down dining.

As you head north from Madison, the fun begins. You'll see the Blue Ridge approach as you ride up a gradual incline to the control at Syria Mercantile. You'll definitely want to stock up on supplies here. If you are so inclined, ask for a country ham muffin or two, but they are salty, so be sure they have something to wash them down.

After the control, you'll climb up a series of switchbacks to the shoulder of Old Rag Mountain, then enjoy a more gradual descent to Etlan on the other side. After a few fast miles on F.T. Valley road, you'll turn east onto the much quieter Slate Mill Road. A left turn at mile 89.9 will lead you to the Three Meanies, followed by a brief stint on US522. You'll turn off at Scrabble and ride north on beautiful, quiet roads. After the control at Laurel Mills, you'll turn northwest on the Richmond Road, near where George Custer almost lost his life in a Confederate rearguard movement 14 years before the battle of Little Bighorn. From there, the route climbs towards Flint Hill, with views of apple orchards to distract you from the effort.

At Flint Hill, the route heads east over rolling terrain. Don't forget to look around and enjoy the spectacular views behind you and off to both sides. Orleans Market will come as a welcome relief from the steady climbing and as a last chance to stock up on supplies for a finish that isn't ceremonial.

You won't make it back to Warrenton without climbing Piney "Pukin'" Mountain and Waterloo Gap, but once you do you can coast into town. Potential post ride gathering at Foster's Grille.

Sunrise at: 6:52:17 AM
Sunset at: 7:19:54 PM